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Malius Elaine

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Malius Elaine is a DJ/Producer of electronic music ( Trance, Future/Deep/Tech/Electro/House ) and Entrepreneurship. ME began as a DJ in the electronic music scene by the year 2006, as manages movement of the electronic music scene on the Southern area of Puerto Rico. Also creator of multiple events such as: Noite de Arte, House Of Music Vol 1 to Vol 8 and more in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

A history of more than 9 years in the EDM scene, he has performed in clubs, fashions shows, art shows, lounges and nightclubs in the island.

Some of his past presentations:–
Justas 2007 -2008 -2009 – 2010 – 2012.–Opening event to South Beach Heat at Jet Dance Club, PR 2008 (dj Cazzette from los Angeles California )– to Cultura Profetica, Ñejo & Dalmata at Lupitas Bar and Hotel Ponce Hilton–
La Secta y Viva Nativa at ( Hotel Ponce Hilton )–Los Rabanes at ( Hollywood Cafe )
And many more.