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Forever Heaven

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– Personal Information –
Forever Heaven, is a DJ/Producer of Drum and Bass, a bassist with a 15 years experience in multiple bands playing genres from “Progressive Rock” to “Metalcore” but always interest in electronic music. Inspired by the things of God, the name of Forever Heaven was born, to which attributes as his greatest inspiration for his productions and mixes. Forever Heaven join platform Rene Lavice, Cause4Concern, DJ SS among others, perform on the We The Future Festival, Candelas Bar, One Bar, Streets Sessions in Rio Piedras, Bass Sessions and The A. People say their dj sets they are euphoric, full of energy and directly mixes for people leave everything in the “Dancefloor”. It has been the dj winner of Massive Radio DJ Competition, where it is now one of the resident djs. Forever Heaven has been fourth place in the international competition of Ram Records Sundown Festival worldwide and produced over 10 original songs and 2 Eps, Future proyections is playing at festivals like Liquicity festival, Nu Forms, Let It Roll, Rampage among others.


– Interviews


1. Why Forever Heaven? Any particular reason behind this artist name? Tell us how Forever Heaven has evolved since it started and the story behind the choice of music?

A – I was looking for a name that honors God, and the first thing that came into mind was Forever Heaven. I really was not looking for something particular but some what it came quickly to my mind and made sense immediately. Also, the name has got some sense of eternity to it and I absolutely love how it sounds.

Well, how I started is a very long story; I was a bass player back in the days, playing in different bands in Puerto Rico, playing in Metal core, progressive, hardcore, emo bands including jazz fusion (that I enjoyed a lot). But with a certain interest in electronic music, with a preference in Drum and Bass, I started out by buying a vinyl set up and just digging some more of play breaks, trance, euro pop, idm. Later on, I bought a laptop and some daw programs, began to produce DnB. And being honest, at first I think I sounded horrible! But later on, with time, I developed better production and DJ skills.

And why Drum and Bass? Because it was the electronic genre that I was familiar with, being a bass player I always had a strong understanding of rhythm rudiments, interactions with the drums. And all that ultimately helped me a lot to understand Drum and Bass more and more.

2. What do you feel about the Bass scene in Puerto Rico and what are your thoughts on its evolution so far? Also, what’s your take on the global bass scene?

A – The Bass scene in Puerto Rico is a very personal and close scene with a strong crowd fidelity, people here love Drum and Bass! Many international DJs that have come to play, they say that the scene here is the best scene in America. At the same time, a lot of local acts have preserved the scene in Puerto Rico and also there’s a bunch new emerging talents. I will say like they say here, Puerto Rico is Drum and Bass!

Drum and Bass scene in the world is evolving like wildfire, there are a lot of producers experimenting with other non-conventional methods of production, new sounds are being developing. I recently heard tracks that are integrating progressive rock sounds, which I think is amazing, since I am personally a lover of Prog rock. I will say that Drum and Bass will never die, and is a genre for the ages to come.

3. You have released a few tracks on both Modulate Records and Nu Venture Records, the latest one with Evel, called ‘Bass Invasion’. Tell us more about this collaboration, and about how has it been working with these record labels? 

A – Modulate and Nu Venture have been utterly supportive in my path as a Dj/producer. Also recently, Schedule One Recordings with “Gideon’s Army”, have helped me a lot! I began sending some tracks to Modulate on Soundcloud (I was on a label search spree) and the guy from the label loved it, so he decided to release my first label single “Clock Maker”. After it all went well, they asked me that if I could make more tracks for them, certainly acknowledge the fact here.

On the track with Evel (Producer from Puerto Rico), he came out with the main ideas and the tune arrangement, then I elaborated the track and recorded additional stems to give the track more variations. At first it came out independently as a single and collaboration, but I contacted the label manager of Nu Venture Records and at the same time he happened to search out my Soundcloud looking for something that he would like, and he found “Bass Invasion” and decided to release it on the label. I love working with these labels, they are very open to style and ideas and have been super supportive, and I definitely look forward to releasing more tracks with them.

4. Is there any particular process that you follow for making the tunes/tracks? What are your inspirations?
A – Mainly I pray, which is weird and true, and thus all my tracks are God-Inspired. If you pay attention to the names of the tracks, they are all [mostly] about the Bible, God and hebrew stuff. I often have so many related ideas that I often think about how to deal with the same. With the making, I always start out with the drums, then the rest of the elements; also a play bass for inspiration works great for me.
I listen to a lot of tracks, any kind, all kinds, also power metal music, prog music.
The other part of inspirations are SCI-FI movies, they have a crucial role to play in my sounds and sampling of the tracks, since I see a lot of SCI-FI for track development and uniqueness.

5. What in store for the year 2017, anything new coming up from Forever Heaven?

A – A lot and a lot of tracks and releases! For now I am producing some mad stuff, experimenting with new sounds. I am trying to bring a unique and original sound to my tracks,  taking time to innovate. Also I am hoping to play more, here in Puerto Rico and other parts of the worlds. I have a full time job, which makes it a little difficult, but I am sure I will take the time to do what I love and enjoy, and certainly will give it a shot!

6. What is your studio / DJ set-up?

A – I do all my music in Maschine. A few things I record in Logic and use it as samples, but my main program is Maschine; also have a Warwick Fortress One Bass Guitar, 2 XDJS and DX626 Behringer Analog Mixer, and a Traktor S4 MK1 for recording mixes. And yes, a Sonnus Audio Interface. Very simple set up for now.

7. Can you list 3 tunes you are feeling right now.

A – Oh man, a lot of tunes. But these are on the top of the list :

– Urbandawn – Foley Funk [Hospital Records]
I have this track on repeat, got that proggy sound that I love!

– Forever Heaven – Gideon’s Army [Schedule One Recordings]
Well, I know it’s my track, haha. But i really love it, and feel very satisfied about how it came out. So this one certainly is close to my heart.

– Deadmau5 – Avaritia (Dimension Remix)
This track has got some amazing vibes and sound. Tt really touches my heart.

8. What is the best gig (club/festival) you have played so far. In terms of Sound Systems, Venue and Crowd Response?
A – I will say, We The Future Festival Puerto Rico 2016. I NEVER ever expected that the crowd would respond with so much energy and passion. It was a crowded stage, with people dancing non-stop, also doing some freestyle popping (it took me by surprise). I played with a line up with some of the super talented DJs and producers from Puerto Rico, and I think Puerto Rican DJs know how to mix with fire on the decks!

9. What’s the funniest / craziest thing that has ever happened to you during a gig?

A – Oh, in a gig that I was playing at, I witnessed something hilarious! Someone, who was completely lost in the music and truly enjoying himself, tore his denims [pants] while dancing, and after a while, he ran out embarrassed and went to his house to change! Haha.

10. You just found out that your last gig ever is tomorrow, what would be your closing track?

A : Forever Heaven-Destiny [Modulate Records]. I think this track for me is a goodbye to this world and welcome the other.

11. If you were to travel to India, what are the first few places you’d love to visit and see, as tourists?A : Obviously Taj Mahal. And definitely the temples, and probably every national park in the country! Not to forget Bangalore. I think India is beautiful.