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Armando Seguí

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Armando Seguí Bio

Over the past 8 years, Armando Seguí has established himself as one of Puerto
Rico’s most exciting electronic musicians. Through his musical vision, distinctive sound,
and noteworthy performances in some of the world’s biggest dance music cities, he has
been able to capture the attention of dance music fans and industry professionals alike.
With the biggest years of his emerging dance music career still ahead, there’s no telling
the distances his ambitious projects will cover.
The combination of Armando’s dreams, experiences, and achievements make up
his musical vision. With academic preparation and professional experience in aerospace
engineering, music business, and audio technology, his mission is to create an experience
in which listeners and party-goers embark on a journey through the depths of space to
uncover the answers to many of humanity’s biggest mysteries. Two new podcasts,
releases, tour dates, and more details about these exciting new projects are set to be
unveiled by early 2018.
Working tirelessly over the years to shape the perfect sound for his vision,
Armando blends cinematic elements with melodic house and techno to convey the
emotions and energy that characterize the concept. Banging beats, intricate percussion
patterns, catchy grooves, driving baselines, emotional chord progressions, breathtaking
melodies and atmospheric sounds are always present in his sets and productions.
Influenced by a vast array of the most talented artists in melodic dance music like Yotto,
Guy J, Jeremy Olander, Cristoph, Grum, and Enrico Sangiuliano, Armando knows how to
guide listeners through a sonic odyssey from both the studio and the booth.
Armando’s skills behind the decks are a result of innumerable performances at
world-class venues and events, such as Staples Center in Los Angeles, Planet Hollywood
in Las Vegas, Joy Eslava in Madrid, The Electric Pickle in Miami, Firestone Live in
Orlando, and Bahía Urbana in Puerto Rico, just to name a few. Playing constantly in
different cities has given him the ability to adjust to any crowd in any scenario. These
skills have led him to share the stage with renowned artists, including Ferry Corsten,
Morgan Page, Danny Daze, Shiba San, and The M Machine.
Years of preparation and planning are making Armando’s vision a reality. With a
team of music industry experts working early mornings and late nights, he is almost
ready to start taking his “passengers” on rides that will create memories for a lifetime.
Expect big things from this innovative artist; the time for the world to embark on the
Armando Seguí journey has come.


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